Hair Transplantation Black Market Awareness

Black Market Warning

Hair restoration surgery is a safe hair loss solution when performed by a licensed and trained medical doctor. However, non-doctors, with little to no training, are also performing surgeries. Make sure to research your doctor or your safety and well-being could be at risk.

Ask the following questions to make an informed decision about who performs your hair restoration surgery (provided by the ISHRS’s Fight The FIGHT campaign):

  • Who will evaluate my hair loss and recommend a course of treatment? What is their education, training, licensure, and experience in treating hair loss?
  • Who will be involved in performing my surgery, what role will they play, and what is their education, training, licensure, and experience performing hair restoration surgery?
  • Will anyone not licensed by the state (or country) be making incisions or harvesting grafts during my surgery? If so, please identify this person, explain his or her specific role and why this person is legally permitted to perform it.
  • Is everyone involved in my surgery covered by malpractice insurance?

To learn more about how to protect yourself about the hair restoration black market, go to


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