Len is an SMP Specialist and has been in the hair restoration business since 2013. He gained his experience by working with two renowned doctors in California. Wanting to expand his knowledge, he sought the guidance of Dr. Haber in Ohio.

He specializes in FUT/FUE Artas Robotic Hair Restoration and Scalp Micropigmentation.

A Testimonial

Adjusting to My New Hairline

I, like many other men over the years, have dealt with hair loss. There is a myriad of reasons men lose their hair. Generational male pattered baldness, sickness or stress are just some of the causes. I was in one of those categories and for almost 30 years I suffered with this stigma to my image. For many years I wore a hair replacement unit. 

I did my research I came upon a process called scalp micropigmentation or SMP. Some refer to it as head tattooing. Like tattooing, ink is placed just under the scalp in the bald areas. This is much different than a standard tattooing. This process has special needles for scalp as well as special ink. Do not go to the corner tattoo shop as the results may be disastrous. The process must be administered by a specially trained person with technical and artistic talents. This option really intrigued me.

I sat down and my Technician Leonard reviewed my scalp informing me how he would address each area. I was motivated and wanted to hear all the details. He explained the process was implemented over three appointments, 4 to 6 hours each, spaced at least two weeks apart. This would allow the ink to be phased into my scalp gradually. Also, each area of my scalp was sectioned and addressed in a certain way. I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Len and his abilities. I decided to take the plunge and move forward to be inked.

Within a couple of weeks and a few appointments, I was looking at my new hairline. It still amazed by the new look, and I find myself stopping to marvel at what I see in the mirror. Please allow me to make suggestion. Taking a few minutes each day stand about five feet from a mirror and just look at your new you. Try on different clothes for a wide range of looks. This will help reprogram your brain to your new you. Your goal is to always see the new image in your mind’s eye, and I guarantee it will definitely give you more confidence. Trust me, I know!

Year One with My New Hairline

It has now been year one after micropigmentation procedure. I have had some new and unexpected events since my new look was done. I started hearing compliments from friends. Several told me they like my new haircut; the short, buzz cut look. The amazing thing is no-one was aware I had micropigmentation done. I became more and more confident that I was no longer seen as bald, but rather more mainstream or normal. This continues to give me a tremendous boost to my overall image and yes, my ego.

It is amazing how when you see yourself in a new way, your attitude becomes more positive, and life seems more upbeat. I wanted to go more places and do things to show off my new look. I think the best form of endorsement I had was when my mother and sister both told me they liked the short haircut or shaded look as they referred to it.  Wow, they didn’t know I had anything done! That is really saying something about my new look. Hopefully, you can understand why I am very supportive of this process and the outcome. Best wishes to all who choose to go this route. I believe it’s worth the investment.