LaserCap® Photobiomodulation for Hair Loss


LaserCap® is a portable device that uses low level laser light treatment (LLLT) to treat female and male hair loss, thinning, shedding and receding hair lines.

Patient Benefits

  • Optimal Power and optimal dosage
  • As easy as wearing a hat
  • Portable, discreet and convenient
  • No weekly trips back to the doctor’s office

It has 224 low level laser lights built inside a flexible dome shaped membrane which provides LLLT exposure to the entire scalp and optimal power for the maximum results.

LaserCap® Science

Treating your hair loss and using a LaserCap® is as simple as inserting it inside your favorite hat and putting it on while you go about your day. It’s the perfect solution for those who want an effective LLLT solution to their hair loss problem at the comfort of their home. Portable, hands free, comes with a rechargeable power-pack and is as simple to use as wearing a hat.

The Science Behind LaserCap®

LaserCap® Low-Level Laser Light Therapy

Low-Level Laser Light Therapy(LLLT) has been shown in thousands of peer-reviewed publications to increase cellular survival, proliferation and function. LLLT stimulates and preserves hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia and other hair loss disorders.

How does low level laser light re-grow hair?

The low level laser light is absorbed by mitochondria and increases cellular respiration, and induces activation of transcription factors via reactive oxygen species. Controlled clinical trials have shown efficacy in treating stroke, stimulating wound healing, orthopedic conditions and relief of chronic inflammation. Preclinical studies have shown effectiveness in spinal cord injuries, peripheral nerve regeneration, heart attacks, degenerative brain diseases and traumatic brain injury.

Not surprisingly LLLT is able to stimulate and preserve hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia and other hair loss disorders. A peer-reviewed study published in 2009 led to FDA clearance of a laser comb device for hair re-growth. The hair follicles cannot be “brought back from the dead” but significant improvement in hair density and quality can be achieved if treatment is started before hair loss has progressed too much. Preclinical studies using LLLT to stimulate ex vivo human follicles in culture and accelerate mouse hair re-growth have also been reported.

Optimal Power

LaserCap® delivers optimal power to the scalp in the treatment session. LaserCap® was designed to deliver up to 4 Joules/cm2 of laser light energy to the scalp in the treatment session. This power level has been shown to produce maximal cell activation in other LLLT applications and LaserCap® Chief Science Advisor Michael Hamblin, PhD, at Harvard, believes it applies to hair regrowth as given by the Arndt-Schulz model, to the right.

Optimal Coverage

With 224 individual 650nm 5mW lasers in a flexible, hermetically-sealed dome-shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat, LaserCap® treats the entire scalp consistently and effectively. The entire target zone is treated throughout the duration of treatment, and the user can perform almost any activity during use, including walking, riding, running, preparing dinner, working, and more.

LaserCap® uses the same laser diode wavelength and output power per laser as an FDA-cleared low-level-laser device for hair re-growth; however, LaserCap® has 224 laser diodes versus 9 laser diodes in the FDA-cleared device and LaserCap® treats the entire affected scalp with an accurate and adjustable light dosimetry.

– Robert Haber, MD;
Internationally Recognized Hair Transplant Surgeon


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