Why Choose Us for Your Hair Transplant?

Dr. Haber is located in the Cleveland area, therefore any complications or concerns are evaluated promptly, and for no additional fee. With many other centers, if there is a complication, or you have a desire to meet with your surgeon, this will be impossible, as the surgeon will not be available.

Dr. Haber is well known locally, is on staff at the prestigious University Hospitals of Cleveland, and does not employ “consultants”, therefore he is able to provide his services at an affordable fee. Other centers incur a significant expense related to the many “consultants” employed and expensive nationwide advertising campaigns, therefore their fees are generally two to three times higher than can be justified.

You will be able to meet with your surgeon well in advance of the surgery date, and always at the time of your first visit. Other centers may require you to fly to another city for surgery, or wait for a surgeon to fly to Cleveland. You therefore cannot meet with your surgeon prior to your surgery.

You will be meeting with a highly skilled University Hospitals surgeon, not a “consultant”, therefore you will be able to adequately discuss your particular needs and concerns. A “consultant” generally has little or no formal medical training, and this makes it impossible for you to address your concerns in an informed environment.

Unlike the “consultant”, the surgeon is motivated to produce high quality surgical results, not try to persuade you to undergo the most expensive surgical procedures. The “consultant” is generally financially motivated to persuade you to have a very expensive surgical approach, which may not be in your best interest.

Dr. Haber is a local physician, therefore all future procedures will be performed by him with the same ultimate aesthetic goal. At some other centers you will not be assured of having the same surgeon for subsequent procedures. Each surgeon will have a different approach to a particular scalp, and you will therefore run the risk of experiencing conflicting surgical results.

Photos and actual patients made available to you will represent Dr. Haber’s work, not that of an anonymous surgeon. “Before and after” photos shown during a visit with a “consultant” will generally be the same photos shown elsewhere in the United States, and will probably not represent the work or abilities of the surgeon eventually assigned to you.



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