The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 1

Hair loss is a condition that affects approximately 80% of men and women. In some cases, hair loss can present at a young age. The surgical management of hair loss at a young age can go very wrong. All ethical surgeons will approach this type of patient carefully.

So, how do we approach the young patient?

Dow Stough, MD, is known all over the world for his hair transplant skill and ethics. In this episode, we explore the risk scale and factors that can impact whether a younger patient is a candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Featured Guest:

Dow Stough, MD

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:48 What is The Hair Transplant Road Show?
  • 01:47 The Question
  • 02:07 Welcome Dow Stough, MD
  • 02:20 The Show Begins
  • 06:52 Communicating Transplant Risks
  • 09:58 Anecdote: A Young Male With Hair Loss
  • 12:52 Medical Management of Hair Loss
  • 15:20 Being Transparent With Young Patients
  • 19:36 Why 25 Is the Magic Number
  • 25:23 Ethics in Treatment
  • 26:44 Dr. Stough’s Risk Scale Approach
  • 29:28 Understanding Age & Expectations
  • 31:21 Transplanting the Vertex (Crown)
  • 34:02 Hair Loss & Genetic Testing
  • 34:30 Message to Viewers With Hair Loss
  • 37:34 Deceptive Before & After Images
  • 38:30 Dr. Stough’s Panama Topic

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