Permanent Makeup Artistry

Where can it be done?

  • Brows
  • Lips

What is it?

Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation, is a method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance facial features such as eyebrow, eyes, lips and can provide scar camouflage. 

What to expect during a consultation

You will receive a consultation to determine the color and shape of the permanent makeup you desire. Factors such as your makeup style, skin tone, hair color and desired outcome will be considered to determine the design of the permanent makeup that will be most flattering and suitable for you.

What does it treat?

It helps replenish what has been diminished or faded, such as over tweezing or can serve to enhance features of interest, change the shape of a brow or lip. It is also extremely helpful for those with allergic issues, visual impairment, watery eyes and those with arthritic or unsteady hands.

Am I a good candidate?

Unfortunately, not all clients are good candidates for permanent makeup due to the existence of certain skin conditions or pre-existing medical conditions. If you have a contraindicated skin condition, you may not retain color well and thus may not be entirely satisfied with your outcome. 

What are the contraindicated skin conditions?

The following skin conditions compromise the outcome of a procedure:

  • Ingrown hairs and open bumps on eyebrow-injured skin cannot be tattooed
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis (constant flaking, itching, irritation, shedding)
  • Rosacea (chronic acne-like skin indicated by redness)
  • Severely oily skin on eyebrows (hair strokes will appear more blended, solid or not retain at all)
  • Large pores on forehead and in brow area (color will blur/blend in large pores resulting in a “powdered look”)
  • Have moles/ raised areas/ piercings in or around the brow/eye area (anything raised or dented will not retain color)
  • Deep wrinkles in the brow area (the strokes will not lay properly in the creases, giving the eyebrows an uneven look)
  • Hair transplant for your eyebrows (color will not take in the scar tissue where the plugs were placed)
  • Shingles (permanent makeup should not be performed as the procedure could cause a flare -up) 

What are the contraindicated medical conditions?

The following medical conditions preclude you from having a procedure:

  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • Hemophilia
  • Heart conditions/pacemaker/defibrillator
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Trichotillomania (compulsive pulling of body hair)
  • Recent upper or lower eye surgery

How long does it last?

Over time, your permanent makeup will fade due to many factors, such as: natural skin exfoliation, sun exposure, medications and the use of creams and chemicals. To maintain the color and shape it is advisable to touch up the treated area every 1-2 years. A good indication of needing maintenance is when you start having to add to your permanent makeup with pencil or other cosmetics.

How long does the treatment take?

30 minutes for numbing and approximately 3 hours for the actual procedure

Is it painful?

You may experience a minor and tolerable degree of scratching/pricking during the procedure. A topical anesthetic is used to reduce discomfort and promote relaxation. The treated area may be slightly tender immediately following the procedure. Tenderness will diminish within a few days post-treatment.

Pre Instructions

Use of the following products may compromise the outcome of a procedure and are contraindicated:

  • Accutane or prescription Retin-A (acne medication) – wait 1 year 
  • Retinol or Vitamin A – use must be discontinued for 1 month prior to procedure
  • Use of Latisse or any eyelash/eyebrow growth conditioner – use must be discontinued for 2 weeks prior to procedure
  • Glaucoma eye drops
  • Blood thinners


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