As you have all heard by now, Ohio will begin a period of lockdown as of Monday evening to help further slow the spread of COVID-19. We have chosen to respect the spirit of the new order by initiating changes beginning Monday morning. That means that no non-essential visits will be seen in person for at least the next two weeks.

The office will be open for urgent visits only. All other patients can be seen via a teledermatology visit using your phone or computer.

While only Medicare and a limited number of private providers have agreed to reimburse for these visits, we will see all patients via teledermatology, and fight the insurance companies later if necessary. Whatever it takes, we will make sure your dermatology needs are taken care of.

Anyone with a diagnosis of melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma will be seen in the office or referred for surgery elsewhere as appropriate. Treatment of all basal cell carcinomas can safely be postponed for several weeks at least.

Patients on Accutane must be seen virtually to receive additional prescriptions. Females on Accutane who require a negative pregnancy test will be contactedby our staff with instructions.

Other urgent skin problems that might require an in-office visit include painful or blistering skin eruptions, actively bleeding skin lesions, and potential melanomas. Consider first scheduling a virtual visit, as in some cases treatment can be started without a face to face visit.

Call our regular number at 216-932-5200 to schedule your in person or teledermatology visits or talk with a medical assistant.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Most importantly, stay safe!

Robert Haber, MD