The Hair Transplant Road Show with Robert Haber, MD, explores surgical and non-surgical hair loss questions with the top experts in the field.

Essential Role of Hairline Design

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 10 The hallmark of excellent cosmetic surgery lies in its subtlety; its true success is when it goes unnoticed. Take hair transplants, for instance: a compliment on the obviousness of the procedure suggests a less-than-perfect job. Indeed, the hairline can make or break the entire transplant, making [...]

Essential Role of Hairline Design2023-09-28T11:49:58-04:00

Repairing a Bad Hair Transplant

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 3 In the field of hair transplantation, we like to say you've never seen a good hair transplant, because if you can see it, it's not a great hair transplant! A great hair transplant looks natural, provides good density and does not leave problematic scarring or donor depletion.There [...]

Repairing a Bad Hair Transplant2023-02-13T20:56:35-05:00

What is the ISHRS?

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 2 Patients looking for a great hair transplant surgeon face a daunting challenge. Any doctor can create a website that makes them look like a superstar, when in reality they have little experience. The first and most simple cutoff when searching for a hair transplant surgeon is [...]

What is the ISHRS?2022-11-09T16:09:38-05:00

Risks of Hair Transplanting Young Patients

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 1 Hair loss is a condition that affects approximately 80% of men and women. In some cases, hair loss can present at a young age. The surgical management of hair loss at a young age can go very wrong. All ethical surgeons will approach this type of [...]

Risks of Hair Transplanting Young Patients2023-02-02T12:36:44-05:00
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