The Hair Transplant Road Show with Robert Haber, MD, explores surgical and non-surgical hair loss questions with the top experts in the field.

Hair Cloning & Multiplication for Hair Loss

Hair Cloning & Multiplication for Hair Loss Hair cloning is a topic that has fascinated hair loss patients and doctors for over 30 years. A more accurate terminology is hair multiplication, in which a small sample of hair follicles from a patient are expanded into hundreds or 1000s of hair follicles, which can then [...]

Hair Cloning & Multiplication for Hair Loss2024-07-03T17:01:52-04:00

Importance of The ISHRS

The Importance of The ISHRS Episode 11 In the ever-evolving field of hair restoration, one common challenge plagues patients seeking a hair transplant surgeon - the quest to find the right one. Factors such as training, experience, and recognition from peers all play a pivotal role in this assessment. However, amidst the complexities [...]

Importance of The ISHRS2023-10-14T22:14:38-04:00

Essential Role of Hairline Design

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 10 The hallmark of excellent cosmetic surgery lies in its subtlety; its true success is when it goes unnoticed. Take hair transplants, for instance: a compliment on the obviousness of the procedure suggests a less-than-perfect job. Indeed, the hairline can make or break the entire transplant, making [...]

Essential Role of Hairline Design2023-10-03T10:31:33-04:00

Repairing a Bad Hair Transplant

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 3 In the field of hair transplantation, we like to say you've never seen a good hair transplant, because if you can see it, it's not a great hair transplant! A great hair transplant looks natural, provides good density and does not leave problematic scarring or donor depletion.There [...]

Repairing a Bad Hair Transplant2023-02-13T20:56:35-05:00

What is the ISHRS?

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 2 Patients looking for a great hair transplant surgeon face a daunting challenge. Any doctor can create a website that makes them look like a superstar, when in reality they have little experience. The first and most simple cutoff when searching for a hair transplant surgeon is [...]

What is the ISHRS?2022-11-09T16:09:38-05:00

Risks of Hair Transplanting Young Patients

The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 1 Hair loss is a condition that affects approximately 80% of men and women. In some cases, hair loss can present at a young age. The surgical management of hair loss at a young age can go very wrong. All ethical surgeons will approach this type of [...]

Risks of Hair Transplanting Young Patients2023-02-02T12:36:44-05:00
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