The Hair Transplant Road Show Episode 3

In the field of hair transplantation, we like to say you’ve never seen a good hair transplant, because if you can see it, it’s not a great hair transplant! A great hair transplant looks natural, provides good density and does not leave problematic scarring or donor depletion.

There are two kinds of hair transplant surgeons, those who produce bad results, and those who produce great results AND fix the mistakes of others.

In this episode of The Hair Transplant Road Show, we explore the topic of bad hair transplants and repair with Jim Harris, MD, one of the most respected hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Featured Guest:

Jim Harris, MD

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:41 Welcoming Jim Harris, MD
  • 02:26 Restore Clinic
  • 03:35 Issues That Require Repair Work
  • 05:36 Old Plug Technique
  • 07:15 Common Hair Transplant Issues
  • 07:44 Listening to the Patient
  • 10:52 What is P.A.S.O?
  • 13:18 Easy Vs Difficult Repairs
  • 15:17 Using FUE in Repairs
  • 19:08 Overharvesting in the Donor Area
  • 22:09 SMP as a Game Changer
  • 22:41 Black Market Clinics
  • 26:29 Handling the FUE Safe Zone
  • 28:53 Improper Surgical Delegation
  • 30:30 Inspiration for Hairline Design
  • 32:06 Fixing Wide FUT Scars