To the Haber Dermatology Patient Community:

We are now ending our second week after reopening!

We have been following our previously stated COVID-19 safety protocols, and I’m pleased to report that everything has gone smoothly. I am most appreciative of the cooperation we have been getting from our patients regarding waiting in your car, wearing masks, and following our social distancing guidelines.

We are also very excited to report that as of this Monday, May 18, our esthetician services will be starting up again, following Governor DeWine’s reopening process.

Many esthetician services require access to the entire face, and thus make wearing a face mask not possible. Our esthetician Jill will be wearing an N95 mask and other appropriate PPE during all procedures, and our patients will be expected to wear a face covering except for the duration of the facial treatment itself.

We are also now able to offer cosmetic procedures that require facial access, such as fillers, laser hair removal, and microneedling, following the same safety protocols.

And as a reminder, all staff and patients will be screened prior to entering the facility to identify COVID-19 risk factors.

We may need to change protocols at any time, based on changing rules or our comfort level and experience.

Call our regular number at 216-932-5200 to schedule your in-person or teledermatology visits or talk with a medical assistant.
Stay safe!
Robert Haber, MD